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Why I Live Here: Tony Lidgett

Tony Lidgett

Tony V. Lidgett knows the delights of growing up in Bakersfield and is passing them on to his three children. Lidgett graduated from Cal State Bakersfield earning his bachelor’s in psychology. He received his law degree from the California Pacific School of Law. Lidgett worked as a deputy public defender for a decade and then started his own law firm in 2011.

His busy life has him in constant motion between work and his three children — Brea, Alia and Cole. You’ll often find him watching one of his kids participate in a sporting event. And if Lidgett is not watching, he’s coaching one of his children in baseball or in softball.

“The life of a ‘club parent’ is never dull,” he said.

What do you love about Bakersfield: It is my home. It is where my family and friends are located. So I love everything about Bakersfield.

What makes Bakersfield special? Great athletic town. Our teams compete and win against all other towns. People from other cities know that when you are playing a team from Bakersfield, you have a challenge ahead of you. There are so many examples, but look at last year with Bakersfield High and Bakersfield Christian High going to the state finals in football. That was simply amazing and with BHS winning it all in a route — yes, I attended the game — wow!

What is your favorite place in Bakersfield? Rabobank Arena and The Fox Theater for all the concerts and sporting events. Soccer complex near Hart Park and Sam Lynn Ball Park for all of the years watching and coaching my kids.

What is your best memory in Bakersfield? Too many. Playing baseball at GBA and/or practicing at the bus barn near our house on Fairview Road and H Street. We used to have some incredible games with some very talented athletes. Many went on to play professional sports. It had a “Sandlot” feel to it. That’s why I love that movie. Speaking of movies, I used to love to go to the Crest Drive-In with my family.

What’s the best thing about Bakersfield?The closeness of the community. I think people like to feel important, kind of like Norm from “Cheers.” Here, everyone does know your name and if they do not, someone who knows them certainly does.

What is your favorite community event?Basque picnic. I have some good friends who are Basque, and I loved it every time I went with them.

Where do you like to travel outside of Bakersfield?I love to travel up and down the coast, both east and west. I want to visit every state and even had a goal to watch a baseball game from every Major League ballpark. Watching Raider games (yes, I went there). My eldest is really into the Raiders (the other two are now showing interest) and going to their games. Nothing better!

What surprises you about Bakersfield? How quickly we are growing. It used to be I knew at least one person on my panel of prospective jurors. Not so much anymore.


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